The 31st National Book Festival kicked off at Sukhbaatar Square.

  Under the motto “Let’s Read More” the book festival was held for three days. The festival was organized on a wider scale this year to promote public reading, enrich collections and inventories of being kept by libraries, support children’s and youth’s desire to learn and disseminate knowledge.

  From authors, poets, and editors to critics and readers of all ages and organizations connected to books took part in the event.

  This time more than 400 individuals and organizations participated in the festival to present their books to the public. In addition, the head of the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute as well as several writers and publishers from Russia showcased their bestseller books.

  During the book festival, a wide range of activities including exhibitions of newly published books and thematic books, cultural performances, a parade of popular book characters, and calligraphy exhibition were organized.