Who we are

Terbish - Owner of the company

Terbish is a scholar at heart and a nomad by nature. He holds a PhD in Zoology and is one of the author's of the Red Book of Mongolia. Terbish has led many treks and trips for groups of tourists and scientists from all parts of the world. He is a master in designing new itineraries and his knowledge of his homeland is astounding. Terbish is a delight to travel with and a perfect companion while on tour.

Bat-Erdene - Owner of the company

It is widely said that Mongolians from the Gobi Desert are the most hospitable and friendly people in the country. Born in Mongolia’s South Gobi province, Bat-Erdene is a true testament to this his birth land’s image. He is responsible for leading tours to all parts of the country. Bat-Erdene has a PhD in Technical Sciences and is informative to our guests on all topics. He is able to handle any variety of situations and is known for his ability to get along with our local staff: drivers, horseman, camelmen.

Sh. Urantsetseg - Marketing and product manager /  Urana – short name

Urantsetseg has an extensive background in hospitality and previously worked for one of Monglia’s best hotels, the Bayangol Hotel located in Ulaanbaatar. She has been working at tourism business since 1999. She is joined the company from its 1st day in 2004. Urantsetseg is responsible for maintaining and expanding our business partnerships. She is responsible for marketing and products. She is known for her friendliness, outgoing nature, willingness to help and provide accurate information.You will likely become familiar with Urantsetseg’s character firsthand since she also coordinates our tour planning, inquiries and bookings.

Altanchimeg - English market & sales manager / Chimge - short name

Altanchimeg is in charge of arranging individual tours, short tours and Trans Siberian railway tours, rail tickets.  After teaching Russian and later English to school kids for 15 years, she has turned to tourism industry once and forever.  She joined the company in 2012. Her language and communication skills are excellent, and she has an effervescent personality which makes any contact with her a sheer pleasure.

Ariunaa - Logistic manager 

Ariunaa is responsible for maintaining our liaisons to Mongolia’s finest hotels, ger camps, attractions and restaurants to ensure that our company continues to provide you with quality services. She also has a background in the hotel business and as a result of living in England and America has unsurpassed language skills. She joined the company in 2009.  Thanks to her attention to every single detail of each tour logistics, our tours run smooth and successful and our clients are happy.

Ulziinaran - Sales manager / Ulzii – short name

Ulziinaran has a background in teaching English. She had joined the company in 2012. She is responsible to handling individual tour inquiries and guide training. Herself she guides group tours in the summer and In addition to her excellent language skills, her outgoing and pleasant personality makes it a pleasure to travel with her. She is an excellent companion for your trip.

Galbadrakh - Mechanic driver / Gala – short name

Never could you find a more dedicated team player, a more enthusiastic worker, or one more mindful of the needs of others. This is Galbadrakh, joined the company in 2011. Apart from his delightful nature and his willingness to please, Galbadrakh is an expert driver and mechanic. His knowledge of Mongolian geography is outstanding and his love for his country is absolute.

Every trip is unique, starting from the planning to implementation and to make your plan come true we work as a one team. We can not NOT to mention our great team of guides, drivers and cooks, who make your trip as much comfortable as possible.

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides –  Biba, Gana, Saruul, Tsetse, Anu, Mende, Duke, Enkhe, Battuya…,  our excellent and safest drivers – Buya, Khatanaa, Batja …, our high-class chefs – Tsevge, Duuren, Munkhuu – these are people who will be with you from arrival to departure. Special thanks to them.

Zandraa - German market manager

She joined GG tours & expeditions in 2016. She is also in charge of our German travelers. She is very energetic and pleasant, that makes her great companion for her clients on the tour. Despite her tender age she is very accurate and informative and great assess to the company. 

Davaasuren - Logistic ass. manager / Dava – short name

She is ass. to Ariunaa handling all the hotel and ger camp bookings. Also she is responsible for Japanese market. After working for 3 years in Japan when she came back to home country she joined the company in 2018. She completed her bachelor degree in Tourism Management. Her never-failingly jolly demeanor always leaves a pleasant impression on everyone she meets.