STATE WITHOUT A SEAL Enthralling New Theatrical Drama

  Arguably a major achievement of the modern Mongolian theatrical arts, one of the most talked-about plays in recent years and highly popular among the performing art admirers in Ulaanbaatar city, the illustrious historical drama “State Without a Seal” is now available for English-speaking audiences,
boasting an exotic style emerging on the national cultural scene of Mongolia.     

  “State Without a Seal” (‘Tamgagui tur’ in Mongolian) is a well-known tragedy about the twisted struggle for succession to the throne of the Hun Dynasty, written in 1998 by a famous Mongolian writer LKHAGVASUREN Bavuu.  The new 2022 production of the play is directed by BAATAR Bat-Ulzii, Head of Hero Entertainment Group.

  As a captivating story of royal romance, love, betrayal and cruel struggle for power in the ancient
Hun Empire, this colorful theatrical performance is inspired by stunning visual forms of archeological artifacts from the extended Hun period of Mongolian history, from the rites and dance culture of nomadic tribes and traditional music of Central Asia.

  The play does not only show the nomadic heritage of state-building but also reveals some subtleties of the way of thinking and decision-making in an ancient Hun state, for the appreciation of our contemporaries.   

The National Academic Drama Theatre

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia