Mongolia claims Bronze medal from FISU University World Cup 3×3 Basketball

  The women`s Team from Mongolia`s Royal International University won a Bronze medal by overcoming a side from Iran`s Islamic Azad University 15-12 at the FISU 3x3 Basketball World Cup. The Mongolian 3x3 Basketball Association congratulated its female athletes and Mongolia's State honored coach S. Tulga and wished them great success.

  FISU University World Cup 3×3 Basketball was hosted in Istanbul on October 27-29 with 24 teams including Mongolia, Iran, Spain, Uganda, New Zealand, Senegal, Slovenia, Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, Taiwan, Turkey, Lithuania, Australia, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, and Malaysia, etc.

  Previously, the FISU University World Cup 3×3 Basketball took place in the Chinese city of Xiamen from 2015 to 2019. Due to the pandemic, it was postponed in 2020 and 2021, and the Turkish University Sports Federation (TUSF) stepped in when COVID-19 restrictions made it impossible for Xiamen in China to hold the event. Earlier this year the TUSF also stepped in to hold the FISU World Cup Combat Sports.

  They were the defending champions and they fiercely confirmed their 2019 title. The Brazilian (men) team of Paulista University (UNIP, São Paulo) won the University World Cup 3×3 Basketball held in Istanbul. Chinese Culture University (TPE) clinched the gold medal in the women's competition.