MIAT Announces Special Tariff to Promote Winter Tourism


/MONTSAME/. MIAT Mongolian Airlines signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mongolian Tourism Association today. Accordingly, foreign tourists coming to our country can get a flight ticket with a 30% discount.


The Director of the Business Management Department of MIAT Mongolian Airlines, N. Batdari, stated that the purpose of promotion to increase the flow of tourists from foreign countries is within the framework of the Mongolian Government’s decision to declare 2023-2025 as the years to visit Mongolia. Therefore, the company is now offering special tariffs to tour operators and other companies to support winter tourism. Mainly, there are two types of tariffs, seasonal and group tour. Herein:


  • Passenger’s special tariff,
  • Group passengers’ special tariff to promote tourism.


These tariffs are valid only for foreign passengers, reports MIAT.


MIAT Mongolian Airlines has been offering special tariffs for group passengers to promote tourism since 2020. In addition to this promotion, the company is now offering discounted tariff for the winter season, which is 30 percent cheaper than the standard tariff.


“Our country has limited capacity to receive one million tourists within four months, between June and September. Therefore, we need to promote tourism for all seasons,” said D. Gantumur, President of the Mongolian Tourism Association.


MIAT will serve with an N-type tariff only during winter (010CT-30APR). This type will include:


  • Need to have at least four passengers,
  • Valid only for foreign tourists,
  • Discounted seat quota per flight (30 percent of economic seats or 45 seats). 


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