Your trip with GGE will provide you with the inside look at Mongolia in the way only we can share.
As we like to emphasize, Great Genghis is a company that has been set up by travelers for travelers, and our ethos is to help adventurous souls get to incredible and inaccessible places in safety and as much comfort as local conditions allow. The owners and staff of Great Genghis have operated tours in Mongolia since early 1990’s. We are continually trying out new destinations or visiting existing routes to ensure that all our tours are still up to our high standard. It is company policy that all consultants should regularly personally visit all the areas we market. We also ensure that our operations are run in an environmentally aware manner, and contribute to the well being of the region and its inhabitants.
From Altai Mountains through to Gobi desert, Khuvsugul Lake to open steppes of east Mongolia - a broad range of products from luxury lodges to camping, hiking, climbing, horse and camel riding, bird watching, adventure activities and special interest tours are available. Tailor-made FIT, groups, escorted trips as well as set departure dates are available. As well as these, If you would like us to help you organize an extraordinary journey for your own particular group or society, please do call us and we will be delighted to give you more details on how this can be achieved. Breaking from the more traditional cultural tours of the past, members of some of our tours found themselves embarking on a spectacular trek while others enjoyed a memorable ride, on an inter-linking journey through the remote Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia.
We are firm believers that traveling is all about the experience and it’s in the details – the places you stay, the transport and route that gets you there, and the people you meet along the way – that make the trip; we therefore specialize in drawing on our own extensive local knowledge and array of contacts to give our clients the very best experience possible.
With the passion we have for what we do, we are very happy – and in fact feel privileged – to have the company we have and our aim is to keep it that way.
We are the company, founded by nomad and run by nomad people. Our staff is highly educated and include two professors, teaching at the University at the same time, two linguists and three hospitality professionals, all having a passion and experience in tourism.