Gobi Anar Ger Lodge

“GOBI ANAR” ger lodge locates just nearby beautiful Khongor Sand dunes, in the territory of South Gobi Province Coming here you will experience the REAL Gobi in all its natural beauty, contrasting the amazing color of sand dunes with verdant green meadows along the Khongor stream. The rocky high mountains of Sevrei loom in the background.

Our sunsets will take your breath away!   




  • 29 gers with capacity of receiving 70 guests
  • European, Asian and Mongolian meals served in 2 restaurants
  • Standard shower and rest room facilities
  • Souvenir shop, snack shop, dessert bar
  • Game corner (Mongolian traditional games, chess, etc)
  • Sand tanning place and Sand volleyball field


It is organized on 15 AUGUST at Khongor Sand Dune with local nomads. Main activity is wrestling and horse racing.


EXTRA SERVICES by reservation

  • Flight ticket to/from Ulaanbaatar-Dalanzadgad
  • English, German, French & other language speaking guides
  • 4WD vehicle with driver, transfers
  • Hiking, trekking, horse/camel riding tours
  • Cultural tours
  • Visiting the nomadic family
  • Introduction to nomadic way of living (setting up the ger, tasting of traditional homemade dairy products, milking camel)
  • Traditional meals of Khorkhog or Boodog by reservation


Welcome to your accommodation in the heart of the Mongolian Gobi Desert

Mail address: C.P.O Box-675

Ulaanbaatar - 15160, Mongolia

Tel: (976)-11-323812

Fax: (976)-11-310455

Mobile: (976)-98896862, (976)-88227918


GPS: N43°49’26.5” / E102°23’26.1”