• Ulzii was an excellent guide who really made our trip. Happy to engage in all conversation and very friendly. Driver did a great job in difficult conditions. Would recommend to anyone.

David William Daines / March, 2018

  • Chuck and the driver were excellent and made every effort to ensure our trip was memorable. I recommend them highly.

Hilary Elizabeth Griffiths / March, 2018

  • Felt safe and was treated by our guide. The driver was excellent at considering the road and traffic condition. Really enjoyed meeting family farm.

Joseph G Casciano / April, 2018

  • I highly recommend Duke, our guide and our driver. They were outstanding. If I came back to Mongolia would want them both again. They were really professional, knowledgeable, and fun to be with. Our driver was especially cautious in his driving and very concerned with our comfort.

Joan H Gorman / May, 2018

  • This trip exceeded all my expectations and Ulzi was by far the best tour guide. I have had her knowledge and language skills excellent but also she related to us in an extremely friendly and warm manner and a lovely sense of humors. She is a great ambassador for Mongolia. I have learnt much and am inspired to learn more. I would be interested in walking tours /bird watching/excursions out of the city.

Wendy Swinburn / May, 2018

  • This has been the best part of our holiday. Really enjoyed it.

Garry Livingstone / May, 2018

  • This was an exceptional and wonderful experience. It certainly exceeded our expectation. Chuck was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and fully responsible for us throughout. Alta was a super driver.

Bridget Clare Benson / June, 2018

  • It has been two great days. The excursions have been good, both in content and in organization. Our guide, Ulzi has been great. She is super friendly; good humor, and is genuine. She knows much, asks us questions and engaged with us. They have been very flexible and service minded. They have got to know us, not only a professional but also friendly.

Ola Pederson / June, 2019

  • Thank you for a wonderful and well organized trip. The guide and driver were great representatives of the friendliness and pride Mongolians have for their country. We learnt and experienced many new things and have very happy memories of this country to take and share.

Linda Hickling / July, 2018

  • Wonderful trip. Mongolians are so friendly and helpful. Will recommend Mongolia to my friends.

Nereda Lermond / July, 2018

  • This tour exceeded my expectations and I was thrilled with how much we saw and the distance covered.

Brita McDougall / July, 2018

  • This was an extraordinary trip. I felt privilledged to visit many of the remote location-the support crew-cooks-did a sensational job: as were the drivers: our guide Ulzi was an exceptional, knowledgable+++ and helpful: understanding-always available and also great sense of humor.

Vicki Willing / July, 2018

  • Your country is amazing, our guide Ulzi was excellent, and our driver went out of his way to look after us, stopped constantly to allow us to get the best photos and was just a fun person to be with. All your camp staff always happy and smiling, giving us a comfortable campsite and fantastic food. We enjoyed the trip as much for your beautiful staff as we did for your beautiful country.
  • Dr.Bata - you are running an impressive business- I am happy to advertise your company.

Neville Wilkinson / July, 2018

  • We had a wonderful time and will recommend this trip to our family and friends. Thank you all very much for your hospitality. We would love to return one day in the future.

Doreen Alice Daines / July, 2018

  • All the Great Genghis staffs were fantastic. The drivers were very helpful, safe, skillful and accommodating. Otto made me feel safe and cared for and was very eager to teach and learn. Ulzi was amazing - she cared for everyone's needs and nothing was too much trouble. The company should keep Ulzi, she is a great asset. I can't praise the trip, the staff, and the experiences highly enough and I will be recommending your company to anyone travelling to Mongolia. It is a beautiful country. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Jacqueline Young / July, 2018

  • Genuine feeling of warmth and hospitality from the staff and the people we visited in the ger camps.

Mary Dobbie / July, 2014

  • Wonderful experience. Riding was excellent. All worked hard and made the expectation successful.

Penny Ward / July, 2018

  • Sili was fantastic company and shared such useful information about Mongolian history and culture. Both staff also was very in tune with our needs and gave us great time to explore alone. We could not have asked for better guides-Thank you.

Kate Wyse / July, 2018

  • We have had a fantastic time on our trip! Our guide was excellent and very knowledgeable about Mongolia and it was great to learn more about the history of the country. Thank you Selenge for a wonderful tour!

Ian Duxbury / July, 2018

  • It was a perfect trek with the entire group and all the people who were involved in it. It will be a memorable experience. Thank you very much.

Ioanna Vasilou / August, 2018

  • What a beautiful country! What a fantastic experience in my life! I thank the guide and the driver for their friendship and I do hope return again.

Eike Tank / August, 2018

  • A very successful trip. All your staff and others went out of their way to help us and ensure we had the most enjoyable time. My heartfelt thanks to all.

Hugh Buck / August, 2018

  • Great and kind service. This was one of my best experiences ever.

Tuomas Kristian Hoglund / August, 2014

  • Absolutely superb. Excellent service from all concerned. Could not fault anything about our trip to Mongolia.

Leslie Grandjohn Marshal / September, 2018

  • Very well planned itinerary-Both Tuya and Oggi went out of their way to offer great service and make sure we were enjoying our time. We loved every minute of the tour. A big, big thank you.

Melisa Weaver / September, 2018

  • The guide was very enthusiastic and very willing to do whatever we requested. She kept us safe and delivered a lot of information. I enjoyed the walking we did in the countryside. An amazing country and experience would have stayed in our lifetime.

Gaye Eling / September, 2018

  • Very good attention, a beautiful country with very special and nice people. Hope to see you soon again. Thanks for this beautiful experience.

Melanie Onae Rebolledo / September, 2018

  • Our guide was very enthusiastic and listened and asked what we would like to do. It was good arrangement: the freshen up in Star GH was very fine after a train night. Ger tent was amazing and excited our expectations.

Maureen Lenkens / October, 2018

  • A wonderful experience, excellent team members, drivers helpful, cook team hardworking. Walking, riding (horses and camels) with the lovely nomads a delightful. Eagle Festival a unique enjoyable two days.

Judith Lindgren / October, 2018

  • Thank you for this life changing and rewarding experience. I shall remember it always and hope to come again.

Esperence Coelho / October, 2018

  • Excellent tour-so much information & history from our 2 guides, courtesy, respect and consideration at all times. Thank you Ulzi & Terbish. One of the best travels and have been on.

Lisha Taylor / October, 2018

  • This has been a great tour. Guide impeccable in every sense. A great embassador for Mongolians. It was privilege to have such close contact with the nomads. A unique experience that will stay with me forever. The organization of this tour was excellent. Everything ran on time but at the same time there was flexibility. Thank you.

Yvonne De Britt / October, 2018

  • Ulzi was perfect! She made Mongolia come alive and personal. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful guide (and driver) with me.

Ms. Kaye Robinson / July, 2014

  • Both guide and driver were fantastic! Ulzi and Suuri were great team. Both of them very professional, courteous, personable and knew how to have a good time. Can’t wait to come back.

Ms. Emma Steel / July, 2014

  • Everything was fantastic, mostly because the guide and the driver were so great. We felt very much at home everywhere. We will recommend Great Genghis Expeditions and especially the guide Oyuna. Thank you for an unforgettable experience. The experience you have provided encourages me to return to Mongolia.

Elia Lennes / July, 2014

  • All of the service was perfect, and I enjoyed my stay very much. The Tamir Wellness Camp was wonderful, very clean and the food was super. (Vegetarian)    

David Thomas MC Vicar / July, 2014

  • We had a wonderful trip and really enjoyed our brief visit to Mongolia. It was wonderful to visit the nomadic people. Georgie, our driver was a good driver and fun to meet. Ulzi is a wonderful guide and very skilled. Thank you very much. Also the driver, Samand was very good.

Lillian Wright /July, 2014

  • Guide Darii is courteous, attentive and friendly. Always trying to please us and keep to the scheduled itinerary. Informative with local knowledge and interpretation of discussions with local people. Particularly helpful with assistance from horsemen and on horse riding expeditions. Very helpful also in setting up camp.
  • Driver Gala is cheerful, congenial, alert, skillful navigation across the steppes is amazing. Ability to negotiate “pot holes” and crack crossings also extraordinary.  Showed great care for the vehicle, kept it clean and tidy and completed mechanic repairs necessary from time to time. Excellent driving over long hours. Well done indeed.
  • Cook Tsevge is hard working. Prompt. Always endeavoring to please. Very professional. She has great culinary skill under very difficult conditions. Working very long hours, sunshine, rain and cold. Great presentation of food. Clean, tidy and definitely one of the bests. A great trip. 

Philipa Hanne / July, 2014    

  • The trip was beyond expectations. I had an excellent time here in Mongolia. I hope to come back and experience more of the country in the near future. Great trip. Mongolia was my favorite part of our Trans-Siberian journey. Our guide was very good and taught us a lot about the culture. I was very impressed by our driver, great driving skills. Food, ger camp and hotel were excellent. Our guide was also very helpful to help us organize our free times.

Richard Musson / April, 2013

  • All I can say – the trip was above my expectation – loved it – Mongolia is a beautiful country and the people are friendly and helpful.

Susan Harriet / June, 2013

  • Brilliant – the concert was excellent. Could not be more fantastic about the experience.

Many thanks.

Robert James Power / May, 2013

  • Tuya and Georgie are awesome! I will visit again! Best wishes from Jonathan, UK

Margaret Chirgwin / August, 2013

  • Words cannot justify the incredible experience. It has truly been remarkable and such a privilege to visit such a wonderful country, where the traditional nomadic heritage and the necessity to encourage them are being blended so successfully. Our guide, driver and vehicle were on the right order. We have had so much fun together.

R.Hood / August, 2013

  • I am perfectly happy with my stay in Ulaanbaatar and my journey through Mongolia.

Anna Zauger / August, 2013

  • This tour in Mongolia has surpassed my expectations. The countryside, the food and especially the people of Mongolia we met on our trip are fantastic. The tour guide and driver were wonderful!!!

John Pesuit / August, 2013

  • This trip was amazing!! Everything was so perfectly organized and planned out so as to give us a 360° view of this fascinating culture. I loved every activity; our guide and driver were so nice and so accommodating. Everything really exceeded all my expectations. Outstanding jobs!!!

Mr. Wildermuth / September, 2013

  • We love Mongolia. Very nice people and beautiful landscape, so quiet and relaxing. Would love to come back, thank you so much.

W. Rowe / September, 2013

  • This tour was very well organized I was very happy with the activities and sights covered. Tigi was a great tour guide. I especially enjoyed the stay in the ger camp and the cultural show. Thank you.

Rachel Will / June, 2011

  • This tour completely fulfilled our hopes. We particularly enjoyed the wild horses, visits with the nomadic families and our ger experiences at the first and the last camps. Biba and Chao are consumable and very good. We would recommend to our tourists.

Kevin / June, 2011

  • Thank you for a really good trip!!! Will be back in two years.

Mark E. Minardi / July, 2011

  • So far this has been the best of our holiday. We will definitely visit this beautiful country again. Thank you very much. Both the driver and guide were absolutely fantastic and very patient with us. Wonderful.

Janice Stacey / July, 2011

  • This tour was an experience not to be forgotten. Mongolia showed a side we were amazed by, enjoyed greatly and will talk about for a long time. Thanks to everyone we met!

Annette Cam / August, 2011

  • A fantastic experience in a beautiful country. It will stay with me forever. I would like to thank all Your Team for a fantastic experience. I hopefully will return one day to your fantastic country, Bayarlaa. THANK YOU for showing us your delightful country. I have absolutely loved it. The people are wonderful, welcoming and friendly. The countryside is beautiful to look at. The activities we took part in were unique and gave me an insight into the gentle personalities of the Mongolian people. You have gone out of your way to do everything possible to ensure we had a good time. I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful holiday.

Marjorie Sheppard / August, 2011

  • I had a fabulous trip. Thank you very much. Mongolia is a glorious destination. The scenery is magnificent and the people are lovely.

Isaiah and Veronique / Oct, 2011

  • The service provided by Urna and Great Genghis was excellent and our schedule was what we requested and also provided additional Mongolian experiences. We will be back in Mongolia in two years time and will use Great Genghis. Thank you. P.S. Also thanks to our driver Senna. And Gobi Anar ger camp – the best on our schedule.

Chris Hood / July, 2010

  • Many thanks for making my first visit to Mongolia so pleasant and interesting. I was most impressed that Eegii climbed up little at turtle rock and the Meditation Centre.

Clyde Heath /July, 2010

  • I will recommend this company to all my friends. I was concerned before I left home. Now I am more than pleased with everything and can only say excellent things about the way you conduct your company. Thank you.

Simon Nyeorg / August, 2010

  • I cannot praise the care, knowledge and sincerity of our guides highly enough. Nothing was difficult for Urna and Bata. Their knowledge and love of the country was infectious. We felt safe at all times. Not only did we travel a small part of this wonderful country and learnt to know and loved it and we also enjoyed a rich culture and experience.

Claudia Dodd / August, 2010

  • Dear Urnaa, again you have made a wonderful and memorable trip. No need was unmet. I especially loved the opportunity to go to the Hot springs and the Lake. Your ger camp was my favorite (of course). I will always remember the night of singing and the birthday cake. Both of our drivers were excellent. I can hardly wait to visit “Beautiful Mongolia” again – perhaps in 2011. Much love,

Diana Burt / August, 2010