Welcome to the Whitehouse Hotel. It's our mission to provide the best service, and the best amenities in Ulaanbaatar. Below you'll find descriptions of our rooms. We try to mix western amenities, to the unique style of Mongolian culture, and art. Starting from the standard rooms, we aim to provide a comprehensive, complete experience unique to Ulaanbaatar. You'll have access to the best of restaurants, nightclubs and services, with some of the most comfortable rooms in Ulaanbaatar.

Hotel services:

Bathtub, Cable/ Satellite color TV, Jug kettle, Dressing rooms, High speed internet access, Iron and Ironing board/ on your request, Hairdryer on your request, Mini refrigerator, Tea and coffee cups/ spoon/ plate, Work desk, Disposable amenities for guests, Secretarial uses, IDD and LDD phone in rooms, Mini bar products.


A bright room, designed in a way so that friends can enjoy their stay, these rooms are available as twin or triple.

DELUXE ROOM /18 Rooms/

Deluxe rooms are designed specifically for the business travelers. These rooms are featured with a personal safe, with a large bathroom that has a shower, and a hairdryer.

SUITE ROOM /18 Rooms/

A large work and leisure area will offer the utmost to our guest, and is available with a choice of double bed and bathroom. The room has a classic design, with an artistic flavor to it.


A beautiful presidential suite with 2 rooms, showcasing the best of Western And Mongolian Luxury.